I am Professor of Theoretical Physics,  in the Theoretical Physics Group within the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham, UK, since February 2018.

My research interests are primarily in topological aspects of structured light and classical field theory (especially singular optics, optical vortices, polarization singularities, optical angular momentum), and, more generally applied topology in physics (especially applications of knot theory in optics, quantum mechanics, statistical physics and molecular biology).

I am Director of the newly-established EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Topological Design (accepting doctoral students for 2019 entry), and lead the University of Birmingham Centre for Topological Science and Engineering.

Until February 2018 I was Professor of Theoretical Physics in the School of Physics, University of Bristol, UK.  While there I was Head of the Theory Group.  I still have research group in Bristol, involved in the research activities in Wave Geometry & Optical Field Theory and Knots in Physics & Applied Topology.  My research team, “Scientific Properties of Complex Knots” (part of a collaboration with colleagues in Durham University) has a Twitter feed, @SPOCKBristol.  Amongst our results was the development of an online tool, pyknotid, that anyone can use to identify and analyse knots.  Try it out for yourself here.

Whilst in Bristol, my teaching and administration responsibilities included being Head of Theoretical Physics MSci, Head of Physics and Philosophy MSci and BSc, Teaching and Learning Advisor for Physics,  teaching 4th yr (senior) Relativistic Field Theory and Foundations of Modern Physics, 3rd yr (junior) Analytical Mechanics and Methods of Theoretical Physics, and 1st year (freshman) Mechanics.

ResearcherId: F-9292-2010;    Google Scholar;   ResearchGate;   LinkedIn