Current Research Group (at University of Bristol)

Research Assistants

• Dr David Foster    (Leverhulme Programme Grant)

• Dr Alexander Taylor    (Leverhulme Programme Grant); previously PhD student, thesis “Analysis of Quantised Vortex Tangle,” published by Springer


Graduate Students

Keith Alexander   (jointly supervised with Dr Simon Hanna)

Benjamin Bode (jointly supervised with Prof Jonathan Robbins)

Elena Boniolo   (jointly supervised with Dr Simon Hanna and Dr Annela Seddon)

Danica Sugic

Teuntje Tijssen



• Mrs Emma Creasey  (administrator, Leverhulme Programme Grant)


Former Group Members

Xi Peng (visiting PhD student from South China Normal University, Guangzhou)

• Alexander Houston (MSc student 2014-2017, thesis “A random wave model for the Aharonov-Bohm effect“)

• Dr Jo Hutchinson (teaching assistant, 2014-15)

• Lucy Purnell (2013-15)

• Dr James Ring (PhD student 2009-2013, thesis “Incomplete Catastrophes and Paraxial Beams“)

• Dr Jari Lindberg (postdoc on EPSRC Basic technology grant, 2008-2012)

• Dr Jörg Götte (Newton Research Fellow, 2009-11, now lecturer at the University of Glasgow)

• Dr Anna Khoroshun (visiting academic from East Ukrainian State University, Lugansk, Ukraine, 2011-12)

• Dr Brina Crnko (visiting PhD student from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010-2012, thesis “Geometry of selected soft matter systems“)

• Dr Robert King (PhD student 2006-2011, thesis “Knotting of Optical Vortices“)