Current Research Group (at University of Birmingham)

Graduate Students

• Anda Xiong 

• Lewis Madden 

Kerr Maxwell (member of CDT for Topological Design)


Former Group Members (from Universities of Birmingham, Bristol and Southampton)

• Dr Danica Sugic (postdoc, University of Birmingham 2019-20; previously PhD student 2014-19, thesis “Unravelling the dark focus of light: a study of knotted optical singularities“)

• Dr Elena Boniolo   (University of Bristol PhD student 2014-20, jointly supervised with Dr Simon Hanna and Dr Annela Seddon, thesis “Mobility and separation of knotted polymers“)

• Dr Teuntje Tijssen (postdoc, University of Bristol 2019; previously PhD student 2014-19, jointly supervised with Dr Martin Gradhand, thesis “Spin manifestations in structured light and matter waves“)

• Mrs Emma Creasey  (administrator, Leverhulme Programme Grant 2015-2018)

• Dr Keith Alexander   (PhD student 2014-2018, jointly supervised with Dr Simon Hanna, thesis “Projecting proteins and random walks: knotting in open curves via virtual knots“)

• Dr Benjamin Bode (PhD student 2014-2018 jointly supervised with Prof Jonathan Robbins, thesis “Knotted fields and real algebraic links“)

• Dr David Foster    (senior postdoc on Leverhulme Programme Grant 2014-2018)

• Dr Alexander Taylor    (postdoc on Leverhulme Programme Grant 2014-2018; previously PhD student 2011-2014, thesis “Analysis of Quantised Vortex Tangle,” published by Springer)

• Dr Xi Peng (visiting PhD student from South China Normal University, Guangzhou)

• Alexander Houston (MSc student 2014-2017, thesis “A random wave model for the Aharonov-Bohm effect“)

• Dr Jo Hutchinson (teaching assistant, 2014-15)

Lucy Purnell (2013-15)

• Dr James Ring (PhD student 2009-2013, thesis “Incomplete Catastrophes and Paraxial Beams“)

• Dr Jari Lindberg (postdoc on EPSRC Basic technology grant, 2008-2012)

• Dr Jörg Götte (Newton Research Fellow, 2009-11, now lecturer at the University of Glasgow)

• Dr Anna Khoroshun (visiting academic from East Ukrainian State University, Lugansk, Ukraine, 2011-12)

• Dr Brina Crnko (visiting PhD student from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010-2012, thesis “Geometry of selected soft matter systems“)

• Dr Robert King (PhD student 2006-2011, thesis “Knotting of Optical Vortices“)